How to help trans kids in Texas


I'm not sure what to say here today. It feels odd to post something online following targeted attacks on trans dignity in the same way it would be strange to write following a physical assault.

My body wants to SCREAM. To fight. But it's almost midnight, and my toddler is sleeping in the next room, and the only person here to fight with is me.

So my brain fights the urge to sleep. And instead of screaming...I write.

When you are actively bleeding, the best thing to do is apply pressure. When the wounds are not to the body but to the body politic the remedy is the same.

We must apply pressure on our community to protect trans youth from the elected officials who inflict incalculable harm by restricting access to life-saving, gender-affirming healthcare as a way to score political points during an election.

We must apply pressure on trans-allied policymakers to promote access to individualized, age-appropriate, gender-affirming care transgender and gender diverse youth in every state.

We must apply pressure on our non-trans siblings to stand with us and speak up. The fight for queer liberation didn't end with marriage equality. We need you now.

Here are the things you can do to help:


Apply pressure with your vote:
The on-going Texas primary elections are a driving force behind the anti-trans statements by Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton. LGBTQ+ and allied Texans can protect trans youth by voting for candidates who will support access to gender-affirming care.

Find out who will be on your ballot on March 1 primary and in the following election, educate yourself about their positions on gender-affirming health care, and make a plan to vote. 

To make a plan, check your voter registration status, register if you're not already (it's too late for the primary, but not for the general election), check voter ID requirements, and vote as early as possible

Apply pressure with your wallet:
Fighting for transgender justice and equality costs money. Please consider making a donation to or making a purchase from one of these donations fighting on behalf of trans youth in Texas.


Apply pressure with your voice:
Even conservative elected officials can be convinced to protect the rights of trans youth when they receive pressure from their constituents.

Find out how to contact your representatives and write to them, email them, or give them a call. Let them know we won't tolerate attacks on transgender youth.

If you aren't up for writing a custom letter, The Trevor Project has put together a form letter to send to Texas officials.

The lives of transgender youth in Texas are at risk every day these attacks are allowed to continue

After political attacks on transgender youth in Texas accelerated in 2020, The Trevor Project reported a 150% increase in crisis contacts from LGBTQ youth in our state. These youth consistently reported anti-LGBTQ legislation as a source of stress, desire to self-harm, and suicidal ideation. 

This growth is alarming considering that more than half of transgender and non-binary youth report having seriously considered suicide in the last year.

Please act before it's too late.

With gratitude,