About Court


I am a leadership coach, facilitator, and marketing executive (who happens to be trans). I've spent the past two decades building success for people and brands through empathy and empowerment. 

The official line: I'm a certified professional coach and the Vice President of Marketing at Children's Health in Dallas, TX, where I was born and raised and stay (for now). I also serve as the Marketing Chair for Black Tie Dinner, the largest LGBTQ+ fundraising dinner in the nation. I've spent nearly two decades helping brands evolve and modernize their marketing approach. In the process, I discovered a talent and passion for sparking the same change in people. 

The bottom line: My journey as the only trans executive in my organization has been lonely. We cannot wait for society to create an equitable environment for trans folks to grow in their careers. We're going to have to make a way for ourselves. For each other. And my new mission is to help marginalized folks reach their maximum potential by cultivating space for empathy and empowerment.

I have strong feelings about cussing (I'm strongly in favor, that is). I'm sober, but I still drink too much soda. And I believe no matter how full you are, there is always room for more potatoes. I've been married to my badass wife, Hollis, for 7 years, and together we're raising our spunky 4-year-old and a few too many cats.


my story


Born in Dallas, Texas, where I've lived for over 30 years.


Still the baby for a little while.


Barney was my first love.


They swear they didn't know I was queer...


My love for cats started early with Max and Skeater (pictured).


My little sister is born, and I become the middle child.


Came out to a few friends as a lesbian and got my first queer haircut.


I grew up in church and struggled to reconcile my faith with my own identity into adulthood.


I graduated from high school and started college where I came to accept myself.


I received my BA in Emerging Media & Communication from UTDallas.


Hollis and I got gay married on New Years Eve.


I started working at Children's Health as a marketing leader.


My daughter was born 16 weeks early and spent 97 days in the NICU at our hospital.


I was elected to serve as the co-chair for the Pride Employee Work Group at Children's Health.


After years of private struggle with my gender, I came out publicly as trans and non-binary.


I received my professional coaching certification from the Academy of Creative Coaching.